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Outdoor dining space with built in dining banquettes and metal chairs, stiped awning and planters

King and Duke

Located in a prominent location in Buckhead, Kind and Duke by Ford Fry is named after characters in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and gives a nod to classic literature and American traditions. Both ideas heavily influence the details, materials used, and the decorative elements in the restaurant, which includes a large open bar, seating lounge, indoor and outdoor dining, and private rooms.

An oversized, open hearth designed as the restaurant's center stage boasts the restaurant’s passion for food cooked over hickory wood and guests can enjoy this art of cooking as they watch the dishes prepared. Chicken wire, barn wood and rustic metals were integrated into the space, but were interpreted in a cleaner, more modern fashion. Subtle references to American history can be found throughout the restaurant without overtaking the space and allows for a refreshingly light energy to remain. The space is a special marriage between style of cooking and style of design—all elements truly synthesized and became one.


Buckhead, Georgia


Meyer Davis Studio

Nichols Office of Architecture

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