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Groove Theory Fitness

Groove Theory Fitness is the place where truly “Every Body Moves”.  The establishment offers a variety of classes and fitness modalities where diverse and upbeat trainers, great music, good vibes, and an upscale atmosphere culminate to motivate, uplift, and inspire members towards reaching their “active body” goals.  Groove Theory Fitness’s mission is for the entire community to be able to “find their groove” within the plethora of activities and events offered.

The design created a boutique space that is elevated yet warm and inviting. Groove Theory Fitness is not your typical fitness space and from the moment guests enter the space they are greeted by style and bespoke design solutions. Throughout the space, guests will find elegant finishes, custom furniture, vibrant lighting, and multiple unique design elements that energize and inspire.  The design captures the energetic spirt of the owner, the trainers and the ethos, “Every Body Moves”.


Maplewood, New Jersey


Interior Design

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