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Jenga Building penthouse designed by Liz Curry Studio for Meyer Davis in New York City. The room is open concept, and features panoramic windows with floor to ceiling linen curtains. The open concept space is divided into several casual seating areas that feature custom furniture, including a large gray sectional, a boucle daybed, and beanbags. There is a custom bookshelf that wraps around a large column with exposed concrete.

Jenga Penthouse

Refresh of a common Tudor style home in Millburn NJ.  The design approach of this project brought a breath of refreshed air to the tired finishes of the grand living and dining room with modern aesthetics that rejuvenated the home.  The spectacular features of the existing living room were preserved and enhanced with new finishes, a grand chandelier, exceptional art and a centrally located seating group that elevates the space to an elegant, yet comfortable, lounging and gathering area.  The dining room is soft toned to bring contrast to the modern furnishings and allow for a perfect backdrop to the vibrant art.   This refresh provides modern living that enhances the old Tudor charm.  


Maplewood, New Jersey


Interior Design

Open concept penthouse living space in Manhattan's Jenga Building. Designed by Liz Curry Studio for Meyer Davis, this living and dining space features a large living area with custom furniture. The polished plaster and blackened steel fireplace serves as a divider between the dining room and the two elevators.
New York City's Jenga Building, 56 Leonard.
Grey sectional sofa with a marble coffee table and plush rug, in front of sheer linen curtains and a tripod lamp.
Dining are in an NYC penthouse designed by Liz Curry Studio. There is a custom table with eight burnt orange velvet armchairs. The open concept space is divided by a large fireplace covered in polished plaster and blackened steel.
Entryway with a polished plaster accent wall and custom leather covered elevator doors. It includes a freestanding coat closet and sitting area. Designed by South Orange, NJ interior designer Liz Curry.
Manhattan penthouse kitchen with a large trumpet range hood. The marble kitchen island features a custom dining table extension, with a blackened steel base.
Lounge space in a New York City penthouse designed by interior architect Liz Curry. This space features a custom wrap-around bookshelf that encloses a concrete column, as well as a lounge area with beanbags and cushions.
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