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Ridgewood Residence

Kitchen renovation with an eye to the outside in Maplewood NJ.  The kitchen of this charming colonial lacked one key element for its green-thumbed owner: a garden view. A more direct connection between the indoor spaces and the planted oasis outside was achieved by opening up the kitchen and adjacent dining areas to the garden, which became the focal point of the renovation. This appreciation of nature further guided the interior design of the project via color choices, texture and patterns.  

 The original kitchen was dark, dated and lacked functionality. Replacing several small windows with seven large windows flooded the space with natural light while framing the view beyond. The kitchen was expanded and reconfigured for the sink to face the much-loved garden. This new layout offers better usage and a more pleasing environment in which to work and spend time.  Green cabinetry and a tonal backsplash featuring a floral motif lend an earthy, timeless look in keeping with the priorities of the design for the renovation. 


Maplewood, New Jersey


Interior Architecture

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